What Is #IndieBooksBeSeen?

Maybe you're wondering. What is #IndieBooksBeSeen? Is it a support group? A website? The answer is neither. #IndieBooksBeSeen is a hashtag created by author Mark Shaw which subsequently united independent authors around the globe. Independent or "Indie" authors have rallied to support each other's works, letting them be seen by the public. Mainstream authors have jumped on the bandwagon as well, along with booktubers and bloggers who want to draw attention to all the fantastic self-published books out there.

Want to join us?

Follow Mark Shaw on Twitter

Join The GoodReads Indie Author Support Group

If You're An Indie Author

Register your book on Indie Books Discovery

Post your book on the official #IndieBooksBeSeen Website


The main idea behind #IndieBooksBeSeen is authors supporting authors and working together to accomplish what they can't get done alone. I hope you can bring your talents to the table and join us!

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